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À Portuguesa

We create a karaoke game where players had to sing the national anthem, without missing a letter. This was achieved with the use of voice recognition and thereby validate exactly what the user sang.


Microsite for Pastime "Palmolive - WIN A VISUAL CHANGE"


Website to promote all pastime , campaigns and receive participations directly on the site. Along with the website we developed a CRM to manage all users registered on the site, manage the vouchers attributed, and send newsletter with personalized vouchers.


Survey for opinion collection on Sanex products


Management of the entire website Seat Portugal in CQ5

Quiz System

A Quiz system for Fnac stand at Optimus Alive. Users could compete with each other to receive a prize.

Stand Kimipharma

Creativity, design, production, assembly and disassembly, a true turnkey solution, such a success, we will produce the next fair.


Desenvolvimento de um CRM em cloud computing que permite gerir clientes,delegados,visitas, vendas, campanhas e muito mais...


Software in cloud computing for the technical management, clients, real estate, and all stages of an evaluation process to the production of final documentation.


website development with ordering system, where all pharmacies can place orders, the system then generates an order form that is sent directly to the distributors for each product.


Compatible website development with desktop, tablet and smartphone


Compatible website development with desktop, tablet and smartphone